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The International Association of Military Women of Color has been organized as a servicing organization designed to assist Military Women of Color before, during, and after military service. We work to influence and implement policy changes in the military as it relates to Women of Color. The vision of the organization is to embrace a “Shared Leadership Philosophy” with other organizations that also develop, mentor, and align strategies to ensure that Military Women of Color contributions are recognize



The International Association of Military Women of Color are engaged in various community activities working to recognize veterans’ contributions to our country, state and local communities. We have participated in the Veterans helping Veterans – “STAND DOWN” with the Veterans’ Opportunities Unlimited. This event not only serve those we call Ghost Veterans, but it also helps to build stronger communities through the connection of Homeless Veterans with links to jobs and resources to regain and maintain stabilization. We call them Ghost Veterans because sometimes we know they are here, but many don’t see them. In association with the Fraternal Order of Eagles, I.AM. WOC present a “Salute to Veterans” program, recognizing three well deserved, “Hidden Figures” female veterans, and a senior (100-year-old) WWII veteran. We also had a flag retirement ceremony, and the event was attended by various ranks (Enlisted to General Officers), and all branches of the military was represented.

Several Podcast have interviewed members of I.AM WOC. We have been guest of Dr. E. Faye Williams program “Wake up, Stay Woke.” We are also in partnership with her organization National Congress of Black Women, Inc.

Most recently, we had several members as guest on the Podcast “Sistas Talk,” hosted by Danielle Meggoe.

Several our members participated in an interview for MSNBC, with Max Jacobs, who is producing a documentary to be aired during the Veterans’ Day timeframe.

The International Association of Military Women also participate in “A Conversation with Louis Gossett, Jr.” at the Cross Creek Country and Golf Club, Atlanta, GA.



ICT Team

IcT team

Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) Team led by Chair, Kevin T. McKnight has created a plethora of activities to keep this organizations relevant and up-to-date with veterans, current service members, government, civilian, social media and other communication outreach people, place and opportunities to spread the news about I.AM.WOC. ​

Leadership Activities

leadership activities

In the International Association of Military Women of Color, We Are All Leaders.  However, our Board of Directors includes prior military and civilians.  We have 3 General Officers, Brigadier General (U.S. Army - Retired) Belinda Pinckney, Brigadier General (U.S. Army – Retired) Velma “Von” Ricardson, Brigadier General (USNR – Retired) Rosetta Burke, Julie Finch, and Kimball Williams.

Our Executive Committee and Standing Committee Chairs are:  President, Ernestine Faircloth (Sergeant First Class – US Army, Retired); Vice President, Dr. Pamela Wilson (Command Sergeant Major – US Army, Retired); Treasurer, Pauline Cunningham (Command Sergeant Major – US Army, Retired); Financial Secretary, Jeanette Leonard (First Sergeant – US Army, Retired); Recording Secretary, Tammy White-McKnight (Command Sergeant Major, US Army); Corresponding Secretary, Juanita Doplemore (US Army); Parliamentarian, Phyllis Joseph (Command Sergeant Major – US Army, Retired); Chaplain, Tweila-Rochelle Cauthen,(US Marine Corps); Sergeant-At-Arms Shirley (Samantha) Watson (First Sergeant, US Army); Historian, Verna Martin (Sergeant First Class -- Retired, US Army); Information, Communications and Technology Chair, Cheryl Woodhouse (First Sergeant, US Army – Retired); Membership Committee Chair, Trachelle Apson (US Army); Constitution and By-laws Committee Chair, Karlotta Richards (Major, US Army -- Retired); and Scholarship Committee Chair, Karlotta Richards (Major, US Army -- Retired).  We have other committees that are currently not active.

education, economics, social & political

Education, Economics, Social & Political

The International Association of Military Women of Color fully support education and participate in assisting schools with reading and listening to students read.  We actively volunteer in our local communities assisting with various education programs and provide food support for children in need.


We strive to improve the quality of life for veterans, socially, economically, and politically.  We partnership with other organizations to provide the resources that veteran women may need that is not readily available to them or that have no knowledge of their availability.  We maintain a resource list for referrals and follow-up to ensure that the veterans receive the support that they need.

We are conscientiously working with our federal, state and local government in support of women veterans.  WE ARE INVOLVED.

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