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We strive to “inspire” creativity and urge military women to take note of and to value the professional contributions they make to the United States Military and the Department of Defense. So often the skills and talents made by women, especially women of color, are either overlooked or undervalued.


Founded July 11, 2021, the International Association of Military Women of Color works to inspire, authenticate and mentor military women of Color through its elected officers, standing committees and active membership of women around and active membership of women across the country and around the world. I AM WOC is an organization dedicated to service — to identifying the needs, concerns and goals of women who formerly served, those who are presently in uniform and those women who aspire for careers in the military.


By “authenticate” we mean working to honor and preserve the valiant service of all military women and making fellow citizens aware of the vital roles they play in their military careers and their education.


I AM WOC is an organization with a strong belief in “One goal – ALL for One.” Our mission is to partner with other organization that share this same vision to successfully improve the quality of life for those who have served their country and their families for their sacrifices. It is important that our country recognize and respect our veterans for all that they have done to preserve the safety and democracy of our country.


We are strong advocates, empowering Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Space Force women to be aware of the rights and benefits they are due. We empower them to take advantage of the educational, social, and political opportunities and amenities that the military offers; and encourage them to join organizations that have their best interests in mind.


I AM WOC embraces a “Shared Leadership Philosophy” to develop, mentor and align our strategies to ensure that all military contributions made by women Veterans are recognized by other Veterans and our civilian communities. It is our goal (long range as it may be) to acquire a seat at the table with the Secretary of Defense. Currently, we have a seat at the Veterans’ table to encourage better treatment and offer suggestions as it relate to Veteran’s health and the disparities between male and female Veterans, and especially Veteran’s Women of Color.

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