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The International Association of Military Women of Color (I AM WOC) is committed to staying abreast of changes in military policies that affect Women of Color.  It is our goal to ensure that Women of Color receive fair and impartial treatment in and out of the military when changes are being proposed and/or implemented.  We have members from our organization who sit on an active Steering Committee with Duke University, as appointed by the Veterans Administration.  The goal is to have Women of Color to be members of an Advisory Board to the Department of Defense.  We are willing to fight for the rights of all Women of Color and ensure that they know their rights.

Policy on Transgender


Policy on Transgender Military Service On 22 June 2021, the Secretary of the Army signed Army Directive (AD) 2021-22 (Army Service by Transgender Persons and Persons with Gender Dysphoria). This directive, which supersedes all previous guidance on transgender service, including AD 2016-30 (Army Policy on Military Service of Transgender Soldiers), supports the Department of Defense (DOD) Instruction 1300.28, “In-Service Transition for Transgender Service Members,” 30 April 2021, and reaffirms the Army’s commitment to People First, Strength in Diversity, and an Army that treats all Soldiers with dignity and respect while ensuring good order and discipline. 



I.AM WOC continues to be informed on changes in benefits as they relate to active duty and prior military individuals.  There are members of our organization who work daily helping veterans with their benefits and helping active duty in transition prepare for their benefits when they leave the military.  We partner with organizations such as the American Legion, Veterans Unlimited, Fraternal Order of Eagles, and the Black Military Women Foundation, Inc. to ensure veterans in need of residencies and food are properly accommodated.

It is our mission as a servicing organization to help eliminate veteran Women of Color homelessness.  We are focused on education to help veterans know the benefits that are available to them before the end of their service, and after their tour of active duty.  We, as an organization are comprised of active duty, veterans, National Guards and Reservists.  We represent all branches of the military.


I AM WOC is committed to providing families documentation of their veteran’s   
service in this organization.  All attempts will be made to authenticate each members contributions to the military and to I AM WOC.



I AM WOC will make appropriate contacts to ensure members are respectfully recognized.



The purpose of I.AM WOC will Inspire, Authenticate and Mentor Military Women of Color through our elected officers, executive board, standing committees, and our partnership with other organization embracing a “Shared Leadership Philosophy.”  We will help to develop, mentor and align strategies to ensure that the contributions of military Women of Color are recognized.  We will work across the board in order to pursue the goals of this organization. 

We will work with our State and Federal governments to be informed of benefits available to military veterans.  We will work with local communities in the development of young ladies interested in the military to help prepare for a great military experience.  We will participate in our local communities to assist in any means possible to continue to manifest a great and flourishing community. 


The International Association of Military Women of Color is working in the background to locate a structure that can be developed as a museum in a tribute to all Military Women of Color.

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