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The purpose of the International Military Women of Color is to Inspire, Always Empower, and Mentor military Women of Color throughout their career, assisted by our elected officers, executive board, and standing committees. We do this by advising them of next steps in their careers and offer problem solving along their journey.


Our organization embraces a “Shared Leadership Philosophy” with other organizations and their efforts to assist active-duty military and Veterans during their transition to civilian life. We do this through development, mentorship and alignment of strategies with other organizations, publicity, and community involvement.


The International Association of Military Women of Color is a servicing organization with a seat at the table to influence policy changes and implement new policies as they relate to the success of military and prior military individuals.

Hidden Figures

The International Association of Military Women of Color has many “Hidden Figures” members. It is certain that there and many more to be added to the list and recognized for their contributions. Hidden Figures are those Women who have major contributions that go unnoticed nor recognized. Some of the Hidden Figures may still be on active duty and some are still in the civilian workforce. Still their contributions need to recognize, they are not just a Herstory, but an important fact of life that should also be captured and preserved. We should not have to wait until these women have passed on from this life and then recognize them – DO IT NOW.

In Memoriam

It is with great regrets that we announce the passing of Chaplain (Maj-Ret) Betty W. Pace.  She passed away on December 15, 2021, at the VA Medical Hospital in Atlanta.   A legend in the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps, she was the 2nd Black female Chaplain commissioned on Active Duty.  She maintained contact with her Religious Affairs Specialist, Sergeant Major – retired, Dr. Pamela A. Wilson – Vice President of I AM WOC -  delivering her benediction at her retirement ceremony at the Alamo in San Antonio, TX in 2016. Before her passing, the president and founding member of International Association of Military Women of Color (I AM WOC), Ernestine Faircloth met personally with her and declared Chaplain Betty Pace as founding Board Member of I AM WOC.  See the proclamation dedicated in her honor.

honor and preserve herstory

It is our goal to capture as many Herstories as possible, to add these stories to our website, recognize these women in as much publicity as possible. There is a tab here for Herstories and as we receive the stories, we will publicize them, add them to our webpage and the webpage of our various partners. We will preserve them as historical documents and enter them into the Smithsonian Institute. Hopefully, every College and University will have a reserve display to help promote Herstories.

Click on photo to read HerStory

Juanita Doplemore.JPG

Juanita Doplemore

Betty W _edited.jpg

MAJ (Ret.) Betty W. Pace

Irma H. Cooper.JPG

COL (Ret.) Irma Hagans Cooper

Ernestine Faircloth.jpg

SFC (Ret.) Ernestine Faircloth

Stephanie Rhodes.jpg

SGM (Ret.) Stephanie Rhodes

Pauline Cunningham.JPG

CSM (Ret.) Pauline Cunningham


SFC (Ret.) Dorothy D. Lovett

Dr. Pam Wilson.JPG

SGM (Ret.) Dr. Pamela A. Wilson

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