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executive board

Ernestine Faircloth.jpg
Dr. Pam Wilson.JPG

Dr. Pamela A. Wilson

Vice President

Irma H. Cooper.JPG

Irma Hagans Cooper

Vice President Operations


Tammy White-McKnight

Recording Secretary

Juanita Doplemore.JPG

Juanita Doplemore

Corresponding Secretary

Jeanette Leonard.jpg

Jeanette Leonard

Financial Secretary

Pauline Cunningham.JPG
Cheryl Woodhouse (1).jpg

Cheryl Lynn Woodhouse


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Stanley C. Ashford

Membership Chair


  • Executive Board

  • Executive Committee

  • Budget and Finance Committee

  • Election Committee

  • Constitution and By-laws Committee

  • Fundraising Committee

  • Information, Communications and Technology Committee

  • Membership Services Committee

  • Nominating Committee

  • Publicity and Public Relations Committee

  • Military Affairs Committee

  • Convention Committee

  • Sunshine Committee

elected officers

  • President - Ernestine F. Faircloth

  • Vice President - Dr. Pamela Wilson

  • Recording Secretary - Tammy White-McKnight

  • Corresponding Secretary - Juanita Doplemore

  • Financial Secretary - Jeanette Leonard

  • Treasurer - Pauline Cunningham

  • Parliamentarian - Phyllis Joseph

  • Chaplain - P. Renee Credle

  • Sergeant-At-Arms - Debra E. Wylie 

  • Historian - Cheryl Lynn Woodhouse

  • Advisor - MG (R) Rosetta Burke

  • Advisor - BG (R) Belinda Pinckney 

active duty

The International Association of Military Women of Color is proud to say that our membership is a combination of all Branches of the Military and all phases of military service (i.e., Reserves, National Guards, Air National Guard, etc.), including retirees serving in Active-Duty positions.

COL Leslie Curtis-Glanton


Our members have served in some capacity of the military.  Some are retired and some are not retirees, but we are all Veterans.  We embrace the title and continue to work towards the improvement of quality of life for those who have served and are still serving.


Our membership is inclusive of civilians; most have never been in the military but support family and friends who have served or are still serving.  We call them our Associates.  We are so very thankful for their contributions to this Organization.

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