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The purpose of International Association of Military Women of Color (I AM WOC) is to Inspire, Always Empower, and Mentor people, with a focus on women of color, through our partnerships with other organizations sharing like visions and goals. Our mission is to enhance education in communities while serving to make a difference in the lives of military women of color, veterans, and family members.


I AM WOC is committed to assisting aspiring students who plan to enroll in two-year or fouryear college/university. We are proud to award scholarships based on scholastic record, community service, extracurricular activities, and essay responses to eligible students.

I AM WOC Scholarship

I AM WOC Scholarship

I AM WOC currently has a Scholarship Fund to award the first ever I AM WOC Scholarship at the upcoming Conference in Atlanta July 2023.  The application deadline is June 24, 2023, so this needs your timely attention.  Please see the link below and let me know if you have any  questions or concerns.

Dr. Karlotta A. Richards

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application  

Application Process:

STEP 1  Click on the I AM WOC logo on the right and fill out the fillable application 

STEP 2  After completion of the form, please download the application

STEP 3  Email the signed application and all supporting documents to

*The application deadline is June 24, 2023

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