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Membership for the International Association of Military Women of Color is open to all females that fit the description policy of the Department of Defense. This policy describes the criteria of a female. Anyone fitting this description is eligible to apply for membership. We are very much interested in new members who share the same passion for helping women as we do. Potential members who are interested in helping us tell the Herstories and share their story, please apply.


We look forward to receiving your application and support.

Application Process:


STEP 1  Click on the I AM WOC logo on the right and fill out the fillable application form


STEP 2  After completion of the form, please download the application form 

STEP 3  Attach the completed application below

Always Empower Logo Template (2).png

Membership Application

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

    Link here you see schedule of events: Stay tune for upcoming information 

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